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Travel to Catanzaro



The origin of Catanzaro seems to be interwoven with mythical events that were sung by Ulysses, who linked it with the Phaeacian kingdom that he used to tell his story. Most likely founded by the Greeks, the city was ruled by various different nations before being governed by the Normans, who promoted the art of silk production. The necessary skills had already been introduced to the area in the 11th century by Asians living there, and since then, the industry has been one of the region's main sources of employment. Today, in Catanzaro and its province, you can still find workshops where silk items are made. The city has a rather modern appearance, but there are still some historical monuments, such as San Giovanni Battista Church. The provincial museum is in the town hall. As well as displaying a collection of archaeological artefacts, it even houses an interesting art gallery.