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Travel to Carrickfergus



Situated in County Antrim, Carrickfergus is found on the northern shore of Belfast Lough. The town’s name comes from Irish, meaning ‘rock of Fergus’, which pays reference to Fergus Mór mac Eirc, the sixth-century king of Dál Riata. It is one of the oldest towns in both Northern Ireland and Ireland. Evidence of the original town can be seen by the various segments of wall that are dotted around the locale. A number of artefacts have been found dating from the 12th and 13th century when the walls were excavated and preserved. Well-known landmarks and tourist attractions in the town include Carrickfergus Castle, one of the best-preserved Norman castles in Ireland. Carrickfergus also has Ireland’s longest-surviving coal gasworks. Celebrating its history is Flame! The Gasworks Museum of Ireland. Other must-see sites include the spectacular marina, the mill ponds with their variety of wildlife, and the Carrickfergus Museum and Civic Centre.