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Travel to Cape Town, South Africa



The real question here is what can't you do in Cape Town. This is a city brimming with adventure, culture, and culinary arts. Start your day with a morning trip up Table Mountain; with clearer skies in the early hours, you'll be able to enjoy spectacular views of the city. From here, you can head to Boulders or Clifton Beach for some sun, sand, and surf, or you can experience the Mother City's rich history. Robben Island and The District Six Museum both do a fantastic job recounting the city's struggle to overcome apartheid. And Bo-Kaap and Greenmarket Square provide a fascinating glimpse into Cape Town's Afrikaan and Muslim traditions. Just make sure to dedicate some time to the city's wine culture: Touring the vineyards at Constantia or sipping

Table Mountain

Catch a cable car up then abseil back down. If you fancy following a rope 112 metres down Table Mountain. The quick ride will give you a bird’s eye view of the City Bowl. The summit can also be reached on foot through a multitude of beautiful albeit exhausting, trails. If you want a longer experience – spending up to five nights in tented camps – take the long-distance Hoerikwaggo Trail up from the Cape of Good Hope.

Take a lesson in South African history

Robben Island and the District Six Museum are must-visits for anyone interested in South Africa's period of apartheid, which came to an end in 1990.

The fascinating and inspirational Robben Island is a symbol both of centuries of cruel oppression and the triumph of hope. It has become synonymous with the former leader of the free and democratic South Africa, Nelson Mandela, who spent 18 years in its maximum security prison.

Drink in the Long Street vibe

Long Street is the place for partying: bars like Julep (one of Cape Town’s best-kept secrets, with bare brick walls, comfy couches and a spectacular selection of cocktails) and the Waiting Room (a cosy, unpretentious bar with retro chairs and lighting of the kind that your granny might have had. There’s also a stunning roof deck for hanging out on those hot summer nights), while Neighbourhood has a laid-back feel and a vast balcony from which to watch the goings-on on the street below.

Eat something fishy

Some of the world’s finest tuna can be found off South Africa’s shores and luckily Cape Town's chefs snap some of it up before it’s shipped to Japan. Order fresh tuna just-seared – anything more and the flavour will be destroyed. The prawns you’ll find on local menus are generally well priced and portions plentiful – ask for yours peri-peri: the spice makes all the difference. Capetonians are big on line-caught fish and if yellowtail or cob is on offer, be sure to order it. But try to steer clear of kingklip, as it’s on the soon-to-be-threatened list.


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Rhowenda Hackart

Sep 04 at 21:48 pm
Went there for the fist time this year (2016) and absolutely fell in love with the place.

Melissa Stegmann

Jan 11 at 11:25 am
Cape Town is beautiful. Im South African born in Cape Town,its absolutley beautiful my heart is there

Carmen van Hoorn

Nov 25 at 02:20 am
5 days school trip: Event Management minor

Harut Pogossian

Jun 22 at 21:38 pm
A place to visit for a fantastic nature, wine, art and music!

Juan Liu-Ba

Dec 22 at 04:15 am
was awesome!

Chris Chalupny

Nov 03 at 08:15 am
4 Länder 3 Wochen 5000 km

Saskia M

Jan 30 at 20:38 pm