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Travel to Budva, Montenegro



Budva is a Montenegrin town on the Adriatic Sea. It has around 14,000 inhabitants, and it is the centre of Budva Municipality. The coastal area around Budva, called the Budva riviera, is the center of Montenegrin tourism, known for its well preserved medieval walled city, sandy beaches and diverse nightlife. Budva is 2,500 years old, which makes it one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast.

It’s funny how a city that is not made popular by the social media can be so beautiful and can offer so many interesting sights to those who dare to visit it. I bet you are curious about what you can see in Budva. Here are reasons that will surely make you add this fantastic city on your bucket list.

Stari Grad (Old Town) – it is believed to be Budva’s best feature. The marbled streets, the blue waters and Venetian walls are all working together to maintain a unique view of the city. After the earthquake from 1979, this part was rebuilt and enriched with bars, shops and restaurants.

Sveti Stefan – a wonderful summer resort that carries an interesting and beautiful history. This island was inhabited by the Pastrovici tribe through the XV century and it was well protected by the attacks of multiple enemies. Inside, the streets are narrow but they offer a very picturesque image to the entire location. The churches, the hotels and the houses built in the Mediterranean style complete the beautiful aspect of the resort.

The Dancing Girl Statue – while walking across the coastline, away from the Old Town you will spot a graceful girl, dancing. In fact, she’s just striking a pose, since she’s just a statue on a rock. Those who are courageous enough can join her and attempt to strike the same pose. The legend of the statue says the girl is in fact, the daughter of a rich resident of Budva who drowned in the sea.

Petrovac – also known as Kastel Lastva, Petrovac is a small town located in a sandy bay that is encircled with forests of big pines. But guests don’t come only for this. They are also invited to enjoy the clean sea, the olive groves and the beaches which are kept as close to natural as possible. Its serenity is completed by the vivid atmosphere which is given by the cafes, terraces or clubs that are always filled with young people.


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