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Travel to Aberdeen



With rolling hills, open farmland and towering mountains in the west and sweeping beaches, coastal cliffs and panoramic skies in the east, Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire has plenty of room for you to relax and breathe.

Speak to locals and hear the traditional local accent, Doric, visit the stately castles in Royal Deeside and take in the splendour of the vast Cairngorms National Park.


Aberdeenshire is famous for its granite - a silvery-grey rock that is packed with tiny sparkling crystals. In the city you'll see lots of stunning buildings made of this sparkling stone - just one of the qualities that makes Aberdeen unique. Its sandy beach, just a short walk from the city centre, is another.


Stretching from the Banffshire coast in the north all the way around to St Cyrus National Nature Reserve in the east, Aberdeenshire's beautiful coastline is dotted with pretty seaside towns, rugged cliffs and sandy bays.

The Aberdeenshire coast is home to plenty of swooping seabirds and it's one of the best places in Scotland to spot dolphins - they play in the waters of Aberdeenshire harbour and all along the Banffshire coast.


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