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Throw a Mega Party



Set the time, date and place

Give your guests two weeks' notice. This gives your guests ample notice and gives you time to prepare the party of the year. Here are things to consider: Pick a date when nothing else is happening. If there's a big community event going on or your friends always have "wines day Wednesdays" for example, avoid partying on that day. You want people to come to your party, right?! You don't have to have your party at night. How about a brunch party? Everyone's looking for an excuse to eat pancakes and drink mimosas over the weekend, aren't they? It's easiest if the party is at your home, though it can be somewhere public like a restaurants or a bar, but you could also look into venues for rent (community centers, parks, historical areas, recreational or sports centers.)

Plan the guest list

A good rule of thumb is "the more the merrier." However, you don't want your guests packed in like sardines, so consider the place you're working with and how many mouths you need to feed! Remember, people always come late or sometimes never show. Also, if guests are bringing friends it could get out of hand rather easily. On the invitation, indicate whether or not it's okay to bring uninvited guests.

Pick a theme

Avoid "80s" or "White trash trailer bash" if you can -- those are parties your guests probably went to last week. How about a cartoon theme? Or a theme around your favorite TV show or movie? A location, a specific food (like one of those 24-layer cartoon sandwiches!), a concept, or a season work too. Your theme can be as simple as a color! It would be easy to decorate and choose your food and drinks. Invite guests to wear this color, and have a contest for who wears the selected color the best! As for this "concept" idea, your party could have its own occasion. A beer or wine tasting? Heck, a mac n' cheese tasting?! A holiday, a random day in history (Moon landing day, say), a murder mystery party, or even a superhero party taken to the next level -- where everyone walks in, in costume, to their own theme song playing!

Spread the word

No more snail mail -- Use a Facebook page, then text the people your friends (more about them helping you out later) and send a reminder a few days before the party, especially if you're asking your guests to bring dishes or goodies. And be sure to talk about your party with those around you! Gotta get the excitement pumping! Do you want people to RSVP, bring a dish or a drink? Include this on your page/text/in your conversation! Otherwise you'll have 50 empty-handed people show up to your door. Oi.

If necessary, budget

Throwing a party can get expensive. Ridiculously. Buying food and drinks and decorations, we're talkin' serious money. If you're contemplating going to the nines, consider budgeting. X amount of money for food, X amount of money for drinks, etc. Whatever doesn't fit gets scrapped. Parties aren't fun if the bank is broken. This is the reason a pot luck-type fest is a good idea. When your guests have duties, it takes pressure off of you -- on time, presentation, and money. So if "on a shoestring" is more your style, don't let it deter you from partying -- just expect help from the people enjoying it!


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