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Take Up Dancing



You can’t get out of it

You may think that you can get through life without having to dance, but I can guarantee you that’s not really possible. You’re going to have to get out on the dance floor eventually. At some point you’ll end up getting dragged out to a club by some friends. Eventually you will go to a house party. Not only that, throughout your life there will be countless weddings to attend. There will be dancing at all these events, so you may as well accept that dancing is inevitable and be prepared so as to bust out some sweet moves on the floor.

Learning to dance means learning how to lead

This is related to the previous point. As a man, part of learning to dance with a partner requires that you learn how to lead. If you’ve done partner dancing before, you’ll know that leading is tricky. There is a real and substantial difference between “leading” and its common counterfeit, “domination”.

When one leads, one does it with strength, but also with gentleness. It is done with confidence, but not as subjugation. It requires the man to make decisions, to communicate his intentions clearly and then to invite the lady to join him. Now ladies, don’t these sound like qualities that you’d like to find in all men?


Once you learn how to lead a lady on the dance floor and feel comfortable within your own skin, moving your body to music, your self-confidence will grow, both on and off the dance floor.

Dancing will increase your enjoyment of music

Learning to dance will help you appreciate the music associated with the dance style which you are learning. For example, my love of Latin music grew significantly when I started dancing salsa, and the same was true when I started Swing and Ballroom.

You’ll become part of a community

I’ve moved around between countries, but everywhere I’ve visited I’ve had a ready-made community thanks to dance. In whatever city I’ve been in, there has always been some kind of dance group, giving me a place to go and have fun, as well as somewhere to make new friends. Although some groups can be rather inward-looking and cliquey, the vast majority have been incredibly welcoming.


Success stories

Candice Clifford

Dec 03 at 17:46 pm
started country dancing with singles ward

Tierra Nauman

Mar 05 at 03:20 am
Virginia Davis school of dance