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Take part in a Charity firewalking



Walking on fire enables you to dispel old limited views and feel psychologically reborn.

Man needs to feel thrill and adventure. Firewalking is available to those who have an open mind and the determination to take up a challenge.Step away from the comfort and constraints of everyday life, boxed in by four walls and the concrete jungle of civilisation and onto the hot coals.

Firewalking is richly rewarding in terms of your personal self development and the activation of your potential, realise and focus your talents, make decisions, set goals, awaking and exercising inner strength to expand your conscious awareness beyond everyday experiences.You will discover meaning, prioritise the important things, understand the purpose of your life.

Your determination will take you to where you want to go. Know your limits but never stop trying to exceed them. Reflect within that is where your strength lies. Learn to be what you are and let go of the things you are not.Living a more fulfilling harmonious life. You will take charge of your own destiny and cease to be a victim of circumstance.

Walking over fire is without doubt one of the most thrilling extreme events that a person could take part in. It appeals to everyone young and old.

Firewalk has dealt with many businesses, charities and public firewalks.

Any additional money that you raise will go directly to a good cause of your choice.

When the charity money from all participants is added together this can be a very very large donation. A charity firewalk can raise thousands of pounds for YOUR charity.


Success stories

Lavvi Ka

Jan 29 at 10:22 am
Spontaneus but so amazing