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Swim in Katherine Gorge



The natural beauty and wonder of Katherine Gorge, renamed Nitmiluk Gorge, is located in the Northern Territory of Australia in Nitmiluk National Park. Katherine Gorge offers a holiday getaway for those who love and enjoy the outdoors. Nitmiluk National Park borders Kakadu National Park. It name was changed from Katherine National Park to Nitmiluk when ownership of the land returned to the Jawoyn people, its traditional owners. Nitmiluk means “cicada dreaming,” which figures prominently in Jawoyn cultural history.

The mighty Katherine Gorge is a highlight of this region you can swim between the sheer cliffs of the gorge itself to sandy freshwater beaches however swimming and canoeing are only permitted during May to November, because during the wet season, saltwater crocs make their way inland via the Katherine River. Though rangers work tirelessly to return these crocs to the river delta area where the river meets the ocean, tourists must always be conscious of the wildlife in the area.


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