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Spend a Whole Day Taking Random Pictures



We live in a century where almost everyone has a smartphone. So taking pictures now days is pretty easy. We just need to take our phone and touch it. But of course many of us are just taking stupid selfies. We need to stop it. Begin shooting things or people surrounding us cause there are so many beautiful thing that we can't notice until we shoot it. Just do it once. It's a real fun. Give a day of your life for it.


Success stories

Vahe Andreasyan

Jan 16 at 13:12 pm

Frances N Benjamin Taylor

May 14 at 06:45 am
I took so many pics in San Francisco

Sheena Williams

Aug 26 at 20:17 pm
I visited my brother in Canada and went sight seeing. I like taking pictures of everything so my camera roll always has to be cleared at the end of the day.

Ingeborg hei

Apr 08 at 23:51 pm
Jeg gjorde deg veldig mye i USA

Lelde VÄ«tola

Feb 14 at 23:58 pm
That was awsome fun!

Ruben Hakobyan

Jan 16 at 13:00 pm

Megan McGill

Jan 05 at 23:03 pm