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Spend a Month as a Vegan



If you can't see any sense not to eat meat, or how can people live without meat. You must try to be a vegetarian for a month.

Here are five benefits of being a vegan.

1. Great if you want to lose weight or slim down

When you cut out animal products you’ll find that it’s easier to stay slim as you’re not consuming high amounts of saturated fats from dairy and meat products.

2. It’s easier to get your 5-a-day

Never mind five, you can easily get double that on a vegan diet. Eating fruit and/or vegetables at every mealtime means that your diet will be much more nutritious than those making up a third (or less) of lunch and dinner with vegetables. Eating snacks such as N?kd bars also count as your 5-a-day, are totally delicious and vegan.

3. Vegans are healthier

Vegans and vegetarians typically have lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, lower rates of Type 2 diabetes, lower body mass indexes, a lower risk of death from heart disease, and lower overall cancer rates. Science and research confirms that you don’t need meat to be healthy at all, in fact statistics point to quite the opposite.

4. Going vegan can improve your sports prowess, not impair it

What you may not be aware of is just how many great and successful athletes are vegan. You may not be familiar with the name, but Scott Jurek is recognised as probably the greatest ultrarunner (distances of 50, 100 and more miles) of all time. He has been a vegan since 1999 and has won most of the toughest long distance races in the world, and many of these on numerous occasions. You’re more likely to have heard of Carl Lewis but did you know that he’s vegan? One of the world’s greatest athletes, Carl attributes his dominant and record breaking performances of 1991 to being vegan.

5. Having a vegan diet boosts immunity and is anti-cancer

Since fruits and vegetables are rich in super nutrients and many have anti-oxidant purposes, they can bolster the immune system and help the body fight against disease.

Success stories

Catarina Bordello

Dec 10 at 12:27 pm
I'm vegan ! proud ❤❤❤

Ana Bessa

Jan 29 at 18:55 pm
and that month it's now 5 months. Only regret not done it sooner :) best feeling ever, we save animals, we help he environment, and we help ourselves.

Karolina Bylinka

Dec 01 at 23:48 pm
I went vegan for 2months and 3 weeks!

Anne Chauhan

Oct 08 at 11:55 am
1 month done

Irena Harrison

Jun 11 at 14:35 pm
6 months in.

Tisa H. Joseph

Feb 13 at 15:19 pm
feel healthier and happier (tummy wise )

Tandra Marsh

Feb 07 at 18:15 pm
stayed vegan for a month till I started getting sick from my medicine

Inês Marques

Jan 06 at 20:05 pm
1 ano

Viviana White

Dec 31 at 18:04 pm
From high school