• The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. Ernest Hemingway

Spend a Full Day in Bookstore



Bookstores are beautifully torturous sources of inner turmoil for us, bookworms. There are so many reasons to love walking into bookstores: quietness, a good smell of books, you can get lost and not even care about, and the people who work there leave you alone until you ask for help. It’s also a pretty great place to choose the book and read some part to understand if you want to have it for further reading or not. Sometimes you can be so much involved in your researches that you probably won't notice how the time passes that fast. Bookstore is also a good place to meet new people, talk with them and share some ideas with each other and, why not, make new friends.


Success stories


Jan 06 at 19:29 pm
do this all the time


Jan 03 at 02:03 am
i did this once or twice hahah

MacKenzie Hand

Dec 02 at 23:44 pm
It was fabulous