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Send a Message in a Bottle



Coolest message in a bottle story.

The message in a bottle that was found 97 years later, setting a world record. A message in a bottle that was lost at sea for nearly a century has claimed a new world record, according to Guinness officials. The 97-year-old letter, discovered just off the Shetland isles, claims the title for the longest time a bottle has been adrift at sea. It was discovered by Scottish skipper Andrew Leaper as he hauled in his fishing nets. He compared the astonishing find to "winning the lottery." Coincidentally, the 43-year-old was skippering the same boat which had set the previous record, the Shetland-based vessel Copious. Previous record holder Mark Anderson was also on board when the bottle was found.


Success stories

Aprille Hudson Duesenberry

Sep 27 at 20:48 pm
My boyfriend and I threw a message in the bottle out into the ocean in honor of Chris Cornell’s death

Jane Singman

Aug 06 at 04:00 am
with nicole at the water

Fabiana van der Heiden

Apr 16 at 17:39 pm
I send a message from my sailboat, I do hope it will never reach his destination. It was a huge mistake

selina vo

Oct 15 at 21:43 pm
never got an answer :D