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See the Sydney Opera House, Australia



Everyone who visited Australia has attended at least one event in The Sydney Opera House. I'm sure, everyone has seen that 3building on TV or internet. And many of us dream to see that huge architecture in real life. I understand that reach the Australia is quite a long way, but I'll do it for the Opera House.


Success stories

Lisan Noordegraaf

Jun 22 at 10:06 am
Naar Sydney toe.

Maude Silva

May 20 at 22:58 pm
I’ve spent the new years eve in 2018 with that view and was amazing the fireworks show.

Hazel todd

Mar 12 at 23:23 pm
Loved it

Cherie Stratton

Feb 28 at 09:55 am

katie adams

Feb 06 at 06:54 am

Beki B

Jan 03 at 04:46 am
Saw the Sydney Opera House with friends in Sydney

Tory Stoneham

Dec 31 at 14:35 pm
live nearby see it regularly