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See the SeaGlass Carousel



Manhattan’s Battery Park has a new carousel, full of spinning, glowing fish.

Opened in August 2015, the carousel is the creation of The Battery Conservancy and George Tsypin, a renowned opera and theater designer (the guy behind the staging of everything from LaScala operas to the Sochi Olympics to that “Spider-Man” musical). SeaGlass features 30 fiberglass fish spotlighting 12 different species, and the mechanics are unique in that there’s no traditional center pole. Instead, by putting individual motors for each fish below the floor, the riders have unobstructed views – the fish both spin independently, and swirl around each other. There is a changing LED light display that makes you feel like you’re underwater, and each fish contains their own speakers that play aquatic sounds and music specifically composed for the ride. The nautilus shell exterior was designed by New York firm WXY architecture + urban design.

Each of the fish in the spinning contraption is modeled after an actual species ranging from tall Angelfish to the much smaller Clown Triggerfish. No matter which you choose, it will resemble one underwater life form or another that can actually be found out in the world.

Even though $8 million of the total $16 million cost of the Carousel came from public funds, the ride still charges a fee - $5 for 3 minutes (but kids under 12 months ride free). Judging from the lines, it seems people like spinning in a fish.