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See the Parrots of Telegraph Hill



Staircase winds down the side of Telegraph Hill through gardens, wild parrots flying overhead.

The parrot flock began around 1990 when one pair of escaped cherry-headed conures (a small parrot species) quickly found an ecological niche on Telegraph Hill. Joined by other escaped (or released) conures from the city of San Francisco, the flock continued to grow, and after a couple generations of offspring, the flock had grown to over 200 wild parrots by 2005. Today, the parrots of Telegraph Hill can be spotted all over the city, and have been spotted as far south as Brisbane.

Winding down the hill are the Filbert steps, and residents on both sides of the staircase have wonderful gardens with fragrant flowers. Even when not in bloom, the lush gardens are beautiful. Surrounded by gardens with the wild parrots flying overhead, it is a lovely urban jungle.

The steps are quite exhausting, so be prepared to walk!