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See the Northern Lights



The northern lights - more properly known as the aurora borealis - occur in the Earth's upper atmosphere near the North Pole. In the Western Hemisphere, the best places to see them are in Alaska, northern Canada and Greenland, but they are occasionally visible much farther south, depending on solar activity. When conditions are favorable, you can see them by finding a place with a clear view of a cloudless sky and looking north.

The aurora frequently appears either as a diffuse glow or as "curtains" that extend approximately in the east-west direction. At some times, they form "quiet arcs" at others ("active aurora"), they evolve and change constantly.

Although it is impossible to predict far in advance when the magic solar winds will appear for each and every light show.

You can check the list of the best Northern Lights viewing points

  1. Svalbard, Norway
  2. Kakslauttanen, Finland
  3. Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
  4. Reykjavik, Iceland
  5. Northern Canada
  6. Scotland, United Kingdom

Success stories

Darren Jansz

Dec 19 at 19:13 pm
So absolutely amazing... Dancing with grace

Brittney S

Dec 15 at 17:21 pm
Tobermory, 2015 while watching the perseid meteor shower

Billie Andrews

Dec 07 at 09:04 am
Levi Finland

Marilyn Jungle Julia

May 23 at 17:53 pm
I lived in Alaska for four years

Cole Lightfoot

Jun 16 at 17:47 pm
I had the chance to see them but it was cloudy

Milena Petkova

Feb 11 at 00:42 am
it's really beautiful, everyone should see them...they are better when you are in the North

Madison Harrington

Jun 17 at 15:20 pm
This requires Alaska

Femke Brouwers

Jun 17 at 19:26 pm

Lisan Noordegraaf

Jun 22 at 10:08 am
Naar het noorderlicht.

Tiffany Lemmons

Jun 21 at 09:42 am
Saw the northern lights for the first time with my new Friend Gina, on the way back from their family shack.

Naftalie Naftalicia

Apr 11 at 18:16 pm
4 days in Lofoten

Jess Christensen

Mar 09 at 00:14 am

Carolin Pukallus

Jan 29 at 21:52 pm
It was amazing!

Mikko Peura

Jan 17 at 14:29 pm
I live in Finland

Barbara Mészáros

Apr 30 at 10:18 am
It was beautiful

Johanna Rytkönen

Apr 18 at 19:12 pm
I live in Finland :D

Valentina Lomborg

Apr 08 at 06:01 am
Point Barrow Alaska. When I lived there

Kiki Ho ho

Mar 29 at 11:02 am

Siru Wallin

Mar 24 at 03:37 am
Utsjoki, Finland

Lydia Perry

Mar 19 at 18:49 pm
The beautiful Northern Lights near Reykjavik

katie adams

Feb 06 at 06:46 am

Aldís Óskarsdóttir

Jan 17 at 01:12 am
so beautiful!


Jan 03 at 15:02 pm

Shannon Kokkonen

Dec 28 at 06:59 am