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See the Mad Colored Houses of Burano



*The island of Burano sits in the Venetian lagoon and like most of Venice, it is run through by a system of canals. But what really make this small neighborhood stand out are the crazy colors each of the historic houses is painted in. *

In reality Burano is actually a group of four small islands linked together by a series of bridges, and held together even more solidly by their colorful painting trend. The eye-catching color scheme has been going on for decades and was even beginning to fade until recent years when the practice was reinstated in earnest. Now the houses pop with bright colors that almost look photoshopped as the homes are repainted every two years. Each house is painted a different color from its neighbors and in fact anyone that wants to paint their place needs to get approval from the local community government.

In addition to the uniquely painted houses Burano is renowned for its quality lace work and they even have a museum of lace, although photography is prohibited. The museum may be the only place in the little neighborhood where photography is outlawed as groups of visiting photogs are a regular site on the streets, snapping away at the unreal colors of the fishermen’s homes.