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See the Harvey's Ford Truck Collection



Off of the Crawfordville Highway in Florida, nature is taking back this decrepit row of Ford trucks.

Rusty and overgrown with vines and grass, they are lined up neatly on the right side of the road. Anyone who knows their Fords will notice that they’re even lined up in chronological order, dating from the early 1900’s to the mid-70’s. The trucks are an unusual worse-for-wear site on the scenic byway, but their apocalyptic charm attracts more photographers than any of the natural scenery. Where did they come from?

Placed here by Pat Harvey, they had all been used on the nearby Harvey family farm. They aren’t deserted—Pat loves the old buckets of rust, and has memories to share about each and every one. Originally owned by Pat’s dad and used for parts, the trucks and the land they’re on now belong to Pat, who lined them up by year just to see what they looked like in the correct order.

Torn between junk and art, the trucks are in questionable standing. While Pat enjoys sharing his beloved vehicles, vandals do occasionally have their way with them, and the city has an ordinance regarding too many junked cars in one place—even photogenic, neatly ordered ones. So far these issues haven’t been pressing enough for Pat Harvey to take any sort of action to remove them. The community and photographers enjoy their rugged charm and appreciate the automotive display that’s not quite a collection, and not quite a wreck.