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See Sidewalk Subway Map



Plot your trip through the city on the sidewalk

Tourists get a bad rep in NYC.

Sure, they’ve got their maps out on the street and seem to constantly look up instead of walk on busy sidewalks. But we have to give them a little credit since they have yet to find the Sidewalk Subway map in SoHo.

Call it the ultimate distraction, or the local’s nightmare, but if tourists get a hold of this map carved into the sidewalk on Greene Street, we’re all in trouble. Human traffic will mercilessly pile up, and if things really go sour, people will start plotting their itineraries right there on the sidewalk. If you have no intention of clogging Greene Street entirely, please, be our guest and check out this public and functional art, and if temptation is too strong, go ahead and play hopscotch up the West side on the 1 Train.