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See Pongua Falls in Vietnam



This waterfall is the most magnificent powerful one in the vicinity of Dalat. Located in a mountain range more than 50 kilometers from Dalat, Pongua waterfall is as high as 40 meters. From that height waterfalls down to a big lake below producing great noise the echo of which can be heard far from the fall.

Mining legend Pongua

According to K’Ho magnanimous legend, in the old time, this land was managed by a beautiful woman named Kanai (a head of a Kho tribe). She was very good at conquering dangerous animals. Among those, there were four big rhinoceros which always obeyed her commands; to change waste land to cultivate and to fight against enemies. Suddenly, one spring, she was dead on the full- moon day of the first month. That made the four rhinoceros very sad, they didn’t eat anything just sit by their boss until they died.

Then, one morning, native people here saw that the place where she was born had a splendid waterfall. They told that Kanai hair turned into the water and rhinoceros horns turned into fossil stones to be arranged into order. It symbolized the attachment of human and nature.

Every year on the occasion of Mid-January festivity (Lunar months) tourists flock into the waterfall to enjoy the astmosphere of the spring with spring festivities, folklore games. This is a chance for better mutual understanding and love between one and the other.