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See Phantasma Gloria



One man's homage to the sun continues to grow like a glass fractal.

In front of an Echo Park home known as Randyland, a rainbow of colors is refracted through the bottles and glass items hanging in the sculpture web of Phantasma Gloria.

Phantasma Gloria is a glittering sculpture created in the front yard of artist Randlett Lawrence, better known simply as Randy. Hidden away in the residential community of Echo Park, Randy’s work is a towering icon created out of colorful glass bottles, wire, and colored water. When viewed by the morning light, the bottles refract the sunshine, creating a beautiful glow of color, light, and a topsy-turvy view of the world contained in each bottle. Within the bottles, Randy has created patterns that echo stylized dolphins, and even a Virgin de Guadalupe, honoring the multicultural community of Echo Park.

Randy has been working on his sculpture for over a decade, and continues to work on it to this day, creating new additions and iterations. As of 2009 the web-like structure of glass, beads, and bottles towered over 24 feet tall and 50 feet long but the work will eventually wrap around the entire house, bathing all of Randyland in colorful light.