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See New Slains Castle Ruins



The remains of a grand castle that may have inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula.

The original castle was just a few miles away, but New Slains was constructed by the recently re-established Earl of Erroll in the 16th century.

The castle ruins can be found by following the dry stone wall across open fields out of Cruden Bay, away from the quaint village tourism and grand golf courses. The castle remains loom over the silvery North Sea in the distance. Though this location is certainly no tourist attraction, travelers will find that when they finally reach the cliff side, the sea view is spectacular and exploration of architectural layers can fill an entire afternoon.

Additionally, local lore goes that Bram Stoker visited the castle during a visit to Cruden Bay and may have in fact modeled Dracula’s castle off the place. True or false, you can indeed find his name in the hotel ledger at the nearby Kilmarnock Arms.