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See Mount Tamalpais Aircraft Crash Site



Law-protected wreckage serves as a peculiar memorial for an almost forgotten World War II tragedy.

The owner of the Mountain Home Inn on Panoramic Highway was the first to report the crash after hearing a loud noise and seeing a giant fireball just before midnight.

The next day, a few boys from Mill Valley found the wreckage scattered across a 300 yard area. The debris was still smoldering, including what was left of the eight Navy fliers. The boys later reported that the sight was so horrific that they had nightmares for years afterward.

The Navy came and cleared most the wreckage soon after the crash. However, a small portion of the debris was left behind and is still there today. Visitors will find mostly nondescript scraps of metal and rubber strewn about the hallowed ground, though it is rumored that one of the plane’s machine guns is still missing among the wreckage.

Please be aware that the site and debris are US government property and therefore protected by law. Removal or tampering with the wreckage is a felony.