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See Maroon 5 Live



They're one of the best bands to see live. No matter where they're playing, whether it's a massive arena or a Carnival cruise, the Los Angeles rockers bring a show that's consistently high-energy from beginning to end, with a great mix of their hits as well as lesser-known songs that deserve the play. They treat their fans like a big extended family, and the sing-along of "She Will Be Loved" never fails to be a heartwarming moment.

Another plus is that this fabulous fivesome (or, seven now really) have an excellent sense of humor. Adam Levine revealed to audiences on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" this week that the band had an ongoing argument about whether or not a velociraptor can break through double-pane glass. That's the kind of stuff you not only find funny, but you also want to be a part of. We have no idea about the raptor, but being on tour with these guys must be fun.

Maroon 5 also have some of the most fun music videos in recent memory. We're still not entirely sure what the video for "Payphone" has to do with the lyrics, but who doesn't want to watch mild-mannered Adam Levine turn into a bank robbery-escaping, lady-rescuing hero, complete with a car chase and a smoldering car wreck? When these guys make a video, they make them awesome.

Reason number four on our list is that they must have a song for just about everything. Whether it's the romantic ballad to end all ballads or the angry disillusioned rock song, they've recorded it. No matter what your mood is or what type of music you love, there's a Maroon 5 song that you can enjoy, and you'd be hard pressed to find a band more versatile.

Last but not least, they play well with others. The band has been doing an increasing number of collaborations after the success of "Moves Like Jagger", and usually those can be hit or miss. Not so for this group, who've been able to team up with a wide range of folks from Christina Aguilera to Wiz Khalifa to Lady Antebellum's Hilary Scott. Although, we're still holding out for the track they produce with Blake Shelton.

From their fantastic performances on stage to the amazing music they turn out in the studio and how cool they are off stage, Maroon 5 definitely tops our list of bands to love.


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Lorna Sanders

Jan 11 at 01:25 am
Adam is hilarious between songs