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See Graffiti Waterfall



Mixing urban grit with natural beauty, this secluded waterfall has a little something for everyone.

Waterfall, a semi-secret natural feature that has been adorned with years of what can not really be called “street” art.

This beautiful location is a testament to the daring hearts of hundreds of artists willing to risk their well being (and possibly lives) to leave their part on an ever growing and colorful mural. Both nature and spray-painted art coexist all along the pathway to the titular falls. Mangled wrecked cars and metal bed frames are strewn along the rugged and unkept mountain pathway that follows a small babbling creek, and even this junk bears the tags and throw-ups of passing artists. The main feature of the falls is a steep rock wall that has been decorated over and over again almost from top to bottom.

Though this is a common hiking trail for many of the area’s locals, however, the trail is not well maintained.Graffiti Waterfall is a great place to hike into for those looking to get back to nature without leaving the grit of the city behind. Also, more wholesomely, it is possible to find wild watermelon patches growing out of the creek.