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See Eureka Dunes



Highest dunes in California, and the most likely place in the area to hear the Singing Sands.

Eureka Dunes are also the most likely of the dune ranges in the region (the others being the Kelso and Panamint Dunes) where you may, if conditions are right, hear the phenomena known as “the singing sands”, in which the sand grains produce a booming sound akin to a small engine plane passing as they fall.

Eureka Dunes lie in the remote Eureka Valley, which is the far untravelled end of Death Valley National Park, a park which covers an area twice the size of Rhode Island and which is not heavily patrolled. Though the dunes are easy to get to on the paved road from Big Pine, you should be prepared to be there alone so be sure to take along the essentials (water, food, spare tire, etc.) just in case.