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See Civic Musical Road



Finale of "William Tell Overture" can be heard as drivers pass over grooves in the road.

Located in Lancaster, California, the original road was constructed on Avenue K, but city officials paved over it 18 days later due to noise complaints from the nearby neighbors. It was reported that the neighbors were also sick of the “crazy behavior” of some of the drivers.

The road was rebuilt on Avenue G in October 2008 and remains there to this day. The new location is two miles away from any residential areas, therefore presenting less problems for the locals. Visitors who wish to hear the musical piece must stay in the far left lane of the three-lane road. Though many drivers have tried the road at multiple speeds, it is said that driving at 55mph provides the optimal sound quality. Incidentally, 55pmh is also the posted speed limit.

To date, the only other “musical” or “singing” roads are located in Japan, South Korea and Holland.