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See Cherry Blossoms in Japan



Goryokaku Park (Hokkaido)

There are about 1600 sakura trees planted in Goryokaku Park that was famous through the Battle of Hakodate. Imagine how impressive the landscape would be when all the trees are lit up at night.

Bloom forecast: Beginning to the middle of May

Yozakura event: Available

Makomanai Park (Hokkaido)

This park was the main venue for Sapporo 1972 Winter Olympics Games. If you come at the right time of season, you might be able to enjoy two different sakura species blooming at the same time.

Bloom forecast: End of April to the end of May

Yozakura event: Not available

Hirosaki Park (Aomori)

Here at Hirosaki Park, you will get to view the blooming sakuras with the grand Hirosaki Castle as its background. There are more than 300 Yoshino Cherry trees that are more than a century old!

Bloom forecast: End of April to the beginning of May

Yozakura event: Available (Until about 10 p.m. The trees are lit up during Hirosaki’s Sakura festival)

Shiroishigawa Tsuzumihitome Senbon Cherry Blossoms (Miyagi)

This place is called Hitome Senbon Cherry Blossoms because there are about 1200 sakura trees planted from Oogawara-machi to Shibata-machi, stretching as far as 8 km!

Bloom forecast: Middle to the end of April

Yozakura event: Available (The trees are lit up during Oogawara’s Sakura festival)

Meguro River (Tokyo)

Along the 3.8 km stretch of Meguro River, from Ikejiri-Ohashi to Kamenoko-hashi, about 800 Yoshino Cherry trees will bloom!

Bloom Forecast: End of March to the beginning of April

Yozakura Event: Available


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Amanda Stam

Jan 22 at 03:15 am
Study trip to Tokyo.

Stephen McIntosh

Dec 26 at 17:41 pm
first trip with Fiona

Emma Bickler

Dec 25 at 21:09 pm
Was visiting my grandparents for a month in Japan and spent a whole day visiting parks to see the cherry boossoms