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See Cherry Blossoms in Bonn, Germany



Heerstrasse, Bonn, Germany. Also known as the Cherry Blossom Avenue, the street became famous after photographers started posting pictures of blooming trees. Every spring, usually in April, the street in Bonn is booming with these pink gorgeous blossoms.

The street is found in hip Nordstadt neighborhood, in the city center, only 5 minutes from famous Beethoven’s House. The ornamental japanese cherry blossom trees were planted in the 1980’s. Every spring it becomes another popular attraction in the beautiful historic city of Bonn. Bonn itself is a very nice and interesting destination, while the blooming street is a striking attraction.

The start into the Bonn spring season is marked by the Altstadt cherry blossom Festival. The event is inspired by the traditional cherry blossom festival. The open-air festival with live music is inviting to linger outdoor and to enjoy culinary delights.

In addition to the Altstadt Flea market cafés as well as restaurants are showing off special attractions and tasteful offers for everyone to enjoy. In addition to the main program (and much more fun & action in restaurants and shop backyards) this year‘s cherry blossom festival will feature performances from the upcoming GOP variety theatre, an evening art installation with light and a choir performance.


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