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See Chandelier Tree



Massive redwood tree that has a hole in the base big enough to drive through.

A 315-foot-tall marvel, the Chandelier Tree in Leggett, California, has a hole cut in the base that is big enough to drive through. Six feet wide and nearly seven feet tall, the hole was carved sometime in the 1930s. Miraculously, this tree is so big and strong that is has survived the gaping wound in its base.

A massive redwood, this is one of the biggest trees in the world.

Modern environmentalists work to make sure that no new holes are cut in the remaining redwood trees, so the few that remain are precious and fairly rare. Those who maintain the parks they are found in often exploit them as tourist attractions. The Chandelier Tree has a gift shop and a picnic area nearby for visitors.


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Minnie Poole

Aug 10 at 05:27 am
Drove my car through it

Shannon Kokkonen

Dec 28 at 06:33 am
The van wouldn't fit