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See an Opera



  1. It's glamorous
  2. It's (architecturally) beautiful
  3. The men are hot.
  4. The women are divas.
  5. It's the best place to people watch in NYC, hands down and there are always some well dressed, handsome men in the crowd who have been wrangled into going by their mothers, grandmothers or sugar mamas.
  6. The costumes and sets are fabulously elaborate
  7. It's almost always FOUR HOURS long (BYOR: bring your own Ritalin) -- thereby letting you prove to yourself that the Internet has not, in fact, ruined your attention span.
  8. Bragging rights. Nothing says "you're a klassy lady" like casually dropping, "Saturday? Oh, I just went to the Opera...v"
  9. It gives you a reason to take a shower, do your hair and dress up for an occasion that doesn't involve an "I do."
  10. It's almost always formulaic -- so, not unlike a country song, you always have the comfort of knowing what is going to happen.

Success stories

Balbir Singh

Nov 27 at 02:18 am

traveliseverything _

Nov 18 at 20:52 pm

Diana Croitoriu

Sep 29 at 15:28 pm
with alexandra, vaduva vesela

Jane Singman

Aug 06 at 04:04 am

Susan Zhou

Jun 03 at 06:43 am
First opera experience was at Sydney Opera with my mom. The opera was amazingly beautiful. The opera that I watch was cavelleria rusticana. We were late that day and missed part of the opera. It is a opera from Germany. I didn't understand much but still understand some. It's about a man who left his wife and fell in love with another woman that has a husband and his wife knew that. She was very angry and wanted to take revenge so she told the husband of the woman. The husband was so angry so he pulled out his gun and killed the man. The story is simply and ordinary but it seems forever to finish a sentence which makes it unique. Opera is so cool and feels elegant so definitely again in the future

ju mp

Apr 19 at 21:14 pm

Kathryn Taylor

Apr 04 at 17:31 pm

Naomi Ohayon

Mar 03 at 20:22 pm
In middle school

Cherie Stratton

Mar 01 at 10:16 am