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See 5 Seconds Of Summer Live



There is so much adrenaline, it’s hard to even take a breath. These boys have enthusiasm and verve just radiating from them. Say what you want about this band, but there is no denying that Ashton is a phenomenal drummer. On songs like “What I Like About You” and their cover of “American Idiot,” he completely shines.

They are a great album band, but their live vocals are really something to admire. Luke’s voice is like an angel sent from God. Right off the bat it is so clear how close the 4 of these boys are. BROTHERS FOR LIFE. It’s fun to watch a band play that actually look like they’re having the time of their life.

Like honestly, how many bands bring a fan on stage and let them play an instrument? This is such a cool moment and shows how much they really love their fans. 5sos


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nushi p

Jan 28 at 08:50 am
Seriously incredible! They were amazing

Sophie Smither

Jan 21 at 00:07 am
bloody amazing

Cheyenne Roannee

Jul 25 at 13:12 pm
24 Juni 2014 Amsterdam ArenA (voorprogramma One Direction) 20 Mei 2015 ZiggoDome 21 Mei 2016 ZiggoDome 22 Mei 2016 ZiggoDome

Melissa Marquez

May 23 at 00:29 am
Saw them along with One Direction and I had so much fun.