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Sail on a Tall Ship



Take an active part in sailing tall ships, setting and trimming sails, steering, navigating, learning the ways of the sea, while being a trainee crew member.

In North America and waters beyond, member vessels serve as real life classrooms at sea.

Youth of all ages regularly embark on voyages of discovery aboard these ships, participating on voyages of several days, weeks - even months, making longer coastal or ocean passages. You will learn while operating the ship and experiencing the joy of adventure under sail.

Tall Ships America member vessels, and the programs they undertake, provide unique opportunities for intensive personal development through real life experience.

You can learn seamanship skills, stewardship, courage, reverence for nature, and leadership. Each trainee’s contribution affects the well-being of all on board. Being absolutely responsible & dependable, and learning to depend on your shipmates, lead to successful teamwork, and to a safe & well-sailed ship.


Success stories

Lena Ana

Feb 27 at 06:45 am
Kołobrzeg with mom

Amber Peace

Feb 26 at 00:07 am
Didn't exactly help sail it, just had lunch on one for my father in law's birthday, in Sydney Harbour... some of the family dressed up as pirates! *cringe*

Inês Marques

Jan 06 at 20:14 pm

Manu Wehren

Jan 01 at 02:33 am
Türkei 2016