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Run a Marathon



The marathon is a long-distance running event with an official distance of 42.195 kilometres (26.21875 miles, or 26 miles 385 yards), usually run as a road race. The event was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens.

The marathon was one of the original modern Olympic events in 1896, though the distance did not become standardized until 1921. More than 500 marathons are held throughout the world each year, with the vast majority of competitors being recreational athletes as larger marathons can have tens of thousands of participants.


Success stories

Ronald vogel

Apr 01 at 14:05 pm
There will be days you don't think you can run a marathon. There will be a lifetime of knowing you have.

Martin Riess

Mar 09 at 19:45 pm
2mal. Wien und 3 Länder Lauf

Diana Croitoriu

Apr 29 at 23:23 pm

Alli Sands

Nov 16 at 08:33 am
5 times now and counting

Sadeem Q

May 04 at 06:00 am
Amazing experience...

Kriengsak Kaewchuen

Apr 17 at 15:15 pm

Kat Geo

Jan 04 at 16:23 pm
5k marathon

Femke Brouwers

Jun 17 at 19:01 pm
Samen met Eline