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Rope Swing into Water



Pick a sturdy deciduous tree to hang your swing from. The whole tree, not just one branch, should lean out over the water. If your swing will be permanent, use weatherproof tenex rope ($30). Static rock-climbing rope is OK if it’ll be up for only a day or so. Rather than tying the rope to the branch, loop a webbing sling over it and tie the rope to a locking carabiner using a double bowline. Use an alpine butterfly knot to create handles in the rope. Make sure the water is at least eight feet deep and clear of submerged logs and rocks. Test for safety by having three people dangle from the rope at once. With centrifugal force, you’ll have to support three times your weight in order to hang on.


Success stories

George Warren

Aug 24 at 02:53 am
I would do that every summer with my summer baseball team

Anna F

Mar 09 at 21:34 pm
When i was young near to my grandmas house we had a lake with a rope, i was quite afraid to do the jumping but i always had lota of fun when jumping :)

kelz Francis

Dec 12 at 23:26 pm
Went on the rope swing in matevulu blue hole Vanuatu

Lee Bachelor

Jun 03 at 00:52 am
All the time through my twenties in the river at Hurley.