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Ride ATVs



To Get Outside

I love to be outdoors. God created this big, beautiful earth for us to enjoy and what better way to experience His handiwork than while straddling the seat of a bike? Sure, we can still see the world from the seat of a car and for some this is enough. But as a rider, I am not satisfied with just seeing – I want to experience the world. I want to touch it, feel it, breathe it in, become a part of it.

And that is exactly what riding does for me every time I hit the trail and open up the throttle. I notice the colors, breathe in the smells, the sound of my 4-stroke mixing with the music of nature. With the wind in my face, the sun on my back and the occasional kamikaze gnat to my exposed flesh (ok, so that sensation isn’t my favorite, but every rider can sympathize), I get to experience nature.

It’s Free Therapy

Ok, let’s be real here for a second. Anyone who has spent any time in the sport of on or off-road riding knows that it is not always an inexpensive hobby. But in most cases, I still maintain that it is cheaper than professional therapy. And I don’t even have to argue that it is more entertaining than therapy. That is a given.

The second I fire up my machine, whatever is happening in my life outside of this moment becomes obsolete. In this time it is just me, my quad and hours of trail to work my frustrations out on. Riding makes me feel strong, empowered, free and invincible because when I pull that helmet on, I AM invincible. Melting Some Stress out on the TrailsNo matter the stress I feel, whatever worries are plaguing me or weighing heavy on my heart – when I ride it all fades away and for a while, I am free. Everything becomes about moving as one, making that machine become part of my body.

When I ride, my character is shaped and strengthened. I learn lessons on the trail that directly correlate to my everyday life. I learn to trust in myself and my abilities. I learn to trust in others around me. I learn to be responsible and accountable for my actions. I gather courage to attempt the things I am afraid of, exhibit bravery while I face them, and gain confidence when I conquer.

To Be a Part of Something Bigger

First time riders may be unaware, but the moment you hold the set of keys to your new machine in your hand, you have just been adopted in as the newest member of the riding community. You instantly gain thousands of new friends and family members who accept you because you have the passion for riding binding you together. I’ve been blessed to be a part of both the off-road and street bike communities and I have learned that there are exceptional people in both, always willing to lend a hand or be a friend.

Success stories

delfina clausen

Nov 30 at 02:33 am
My best friend has one and in summer he borrows me his atv and we drive the whole day!!

Clair Elliott

Apr 01 at 12:49 pm
learned to drive one of these as a kid my dad was a gamekeeper

Clair Louise

Nov 01 at 14:02 pm
Did this regularly as a child with my dad being a gamekeeper

Alisa Williams

Jul 10 at 17:40 pm

Kaitlyn Wallace

Mar 30 at 03:30 am
My Step day has 2nof them in the back storage. I had pulled it out to see if it still worked. he caught me but instead of getting mad he helped me fix it. when we charger up the battery it roared with power. I road it around my going and back yard for like 5 hours! I loved it!

Billie Andrews

Dec 07 at 09:10 am
done this many times and I own my own on/off road one

Monika Placek

Nov 23 at 23:58 pm