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Ride an Elephant



Look at the World from a different view point. Elephant rides are an outstanding experience for the young and the young at heart. On this adventure ride you’re going to feel the gait of an elephant’s walk while appreciating a lofty perspective.

Elephant riding poses a difficult ethical dilemma: while the domestication and training of elephants often involves brutal treatment, beatings, and separation from their mothers at an early age, tourists’ unforgettable experiences with elephants also help bolster conservation funding, with tourism also supporting population numbers.

Whilst many camps and parks treat their elephants badly, there are others which use positive rewards rather than punishment to train their elephants, giving them plenty of time for rest, and avoiding the use of bull hooks as much as possible.

We would encourage you to do your research and only visit reputable camps which treat their elephants with proper care and attention.


Success stories

Samiksha Shashikumar

Apr 25 at 06:19 am
It was so spiky but the view was so beautiful. Had a fun time riding along with my cousin.

Lisa Thöny

Apr 04 at 07:44 am
that's the the Thing you have to do in Thailand

Sarah S

Apr 02 at 02:17 am
What an experience with the beautiful giants

Laura Marucci

May 02 at 11:55 am
Wonderful I didn’t know they were so hairy ahahha

traveliseverything _

Nov 05 at 05:24 am

Harshvardhan Nigam

Jun 11 at 08:14 am
when i was a child

Evaleez Voo

Dec 25 at 17:51 pm
I was 9

Bach Van

Dec 20 at 11:57 am

Bucketlist127 User

May 14 at 17:09 pm
not proud of it though poor animals...

Nivea Moore

Apr 27 at 01:42 am
it was a circus elephant

Fabiana van der Heiden

Apr 24 at 22:01 pm
I wanted to do this but I feel bad about it too. Elephants should not be a tourist attraction. They should be free...


Apr 17 at 20:39 pm

Pauline celle

Apr 16 at 23:02 pm
Bali : done

Ollie Clark

Feb 24 at 18:15 pm
Did this in Sri Lanka with my step-dad and baby sister!

ine verbrugge

Jan 24 at 21:20 pm
South africa addo elephant park

Alondra Rich

Jan 05 at 13:04 pm
I rode one at a circus when I was little. granted I'm super against stuff like that now, but it was cool for 6 year old me

Nyssa Kirby

Jan 03 at 22:52 pm
Sri Lanka

Pre Kaur

Jan 03 at 21:29 pm

ashjan shafi

Jan 03 at 01:42 am

3/ 4

Jan 02 at 21:12 pm
I didn't ride it, but I did sit on top of one. Good memories

Sharon Hudson

Dec 30 at 08:55 am
When I was at the circus, probly the last one I've ever been to, I road a baby elephant.

Emma Dane

Dec 28 at 21:19 pm

Katie Smith

Dec 28 at 17:45 pm
At the Clarion County Fair

Oishanee Guha

Dec 18 at 19:17 pm