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Refrain from Alcohol and Other Drugs for a Month



Do you have a social circle where there hasn’t been a sober night out for years? Can you try to have fun without ingesting chemicals to alter your doors of perception?

This is a great challenge to learn how to stand up for yourself against peer pressure.

Success stories

Chloe P

Apr 02 at 22:33 pm
Might have completed on April Fools day but I haven't drunk anything since New Years but I made sure to actively avoid drinking during March and I did! Even while at a house party

Clair Elliott

Apr 01 at 12:40 pm
I don't drink so this one is easy for me

Glenn Buschbaum

Aug 03 at 21:01 pm
i stopped over 10 years agony and i don't have ant problems

Ine Voordeckers

Apr 14 at 12:34 pm


Feb 15 at 20:40 pm

Evie Sanders

Feb 14 at 15:20 pm
sometimes I even go years without drinking

Rosalind Pingleton

Jan 12 at 17:22 pm
sober since July 9 2013!


Jan 11 at 02:51 am

Shannon Kokkonen

Dec 28 at 06:49 am


Dec 21 at 21:30 pm
wasn't easy

Violette Meier

Dec 21 at 17:52 pm
I'm a lifetime non drinker.

Daiana Muniz

Dec 17 at 00:54 am
i lose weith