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Rappel Down a Waterfall




For high-energy outdoor adventurers seeking an adrenalin fix, waterfall rappelling is a must! When you first lean back and push off the cliff’s edge and into the falls, you’ll know you’re in for an unforgettable adventure.

Personal Achievement

For most people, rappelling down a waterfall is a prized activity to tick off the old bucketlist. After overcoming fear, skillfully descending a cliff face, and rejoicing in the moment, you walk away with an unrivaled sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction – simply put, you are high on life.

Gets You Into Nature

While outdoor enthusiasts are looking for new ways to explore nature, waterfall rappelling literally gets you into nature. Hopping in and out of the cliffside, you are bombarded with a laughable amount of fresh water. Talk about an immersive experience!

Mindblowing Views

Waterfall rappelling blends action with beauty by offering some of the most unique vantage points in nature. See stunning views of cliffs, canyons, mountains, and forest from angles otherwise unobtainable.

Feel Like An Action Hero

As you hop backwards down slippery cliffs, you can’t help but feel like your favorite action hero. The name James Bond comes to mind. You’ll be surprised how easily fantasy activities can turn into reality. Maybe action scenes aren’t reserved for the movie stars!


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Emma Vermeulen

May 11 at 22:37 pm
it was an amazing experience !