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Publish a Book



Personal Branding

A book is like an ad for your personal brand – but it doesn’t look like an ad. It’s like an enhanced resume.


When people see you as a published author of a book, you get instant credibility and authority.

It’s Content Marketing

Every digital marketer knows that one of the best ways in digital marketing to attract traffic is content marketing. A book is nothing but content.

No One Throws Away a Book

When you gift a book to someone who you want to do business with, the book stays with them permanently. Its like re-marketing at no cost!

Speaker Opportunities

A book can help you get speaking engagements. A book is a solid proof that you are an expert on a subject.

Get Your Dream Job

If you are an author, its a clear signal that you know your field. Your chances of getting your dream job goes up dramatically when you are an author.

Get Into Ivy League Universities

I don’t think Ivy League business schools and universities receive a lot of applications with a book! Imagine the possibilities!

Easier Business Transactions

You can send an autographed copy of your book to someone who you are about to do business with. It breaks the ice and makes the negotiations easier.

Press & Media Coverage

Reporters are always looking for comments and citations from experts. And who are perceived as experts in today’s knowledge economy? Authors!

The Best Investment

Publishing a good book costs time and money. But its the best investment you can make for your personal brand and your company. It increases your earning potential and opens the doors to new opportunities.


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