• Living well is the best revenge. George Herbert

Practice Self Compassion and Self Love Every Day for a Month



Do you love yourself?

Do you beat yourself up after you make mistakes?

You can test your own level of self compassion. Chances are you don’t score very high. This is because our society sets standards that are almost impossible to achieve. And so we form a habit of thinking we are not good enough, not worthy enough. There is also a kind of stigma on self-love, it is often confused with either being arrogant or it being a weakness. Both are wrong. It is a skill that can be trained so you will develop the emotional skillset to accept parts of yourself which you might not like very much, you learn to stop fighting against frustration and start accepting it as an integral part of life itself.

Self love and self acceptance are also crucial to loving and accepting others around you.

Success stories

Nirlisha Pillay

Jan 12 at 01:18 am
The 30 day compassionate challenge. Started in a Facebook group and caught on. We included random acts of kindness, meditation, self pampering and ho'opopono