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Play Bubble Soccer



Bubble Soccer is the perfect sport to learn the game of soccer, and get more out of the sport than what you would get in traditional soccer. The game is very fast paced because there is less schemes and rules to the game which allows for flexibility to the player to simply read and react.

For many they are timid, because there is contact made in this sport. However, you are in a bubble and the majority of your body is protected from immediate harm. Once you get over the fear of contact, you are literally a one man/woman wrecking ball.

A lot of people get really involved with the contact part but there is one critical part to the game and that is you must score more points than your opponent. Usually after the first half, it gets really entertaining and competitive but at the same time, many are exhausted as there a lot of movement in the game as well it is physically demanding.


Success stories

Takyah Henning

Mar 08 at 00:49 am

Natasha Fawcett

Mar 21 at 19:09 pm
Did it in a trip in second year, good fun

Kaitlyn Nieto

Jun 15 at 06:07 am
I played bubble soccer with my lacrosse team and it was so fun!! Now I work for the company who we rented the bubbles from.

faye d

May 17 at 01:26 am
went with a bunch of people and played bubble soccer for my birthday