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Planning a Romantic Picnic



If you have a new love or an old one a romantic picnic can bring more romance into your life. Your picnic can be as elaborate or simple as you like. The right person in the right place with the right food makes all the difference.

Some special days deserve to be celebrated: Wedding anniversaries, engagements, special birthdays and of course Valentine’s Day.

Fish and chips watching the sun setting over a beach can be extra special with the right person but planning a picnic can make it a really memorable occasion.

Where to Go On a Romantic Picnic

You can take your picnic almost anywhere. Decide where to set up before you start. A romantic mood quickly vanishes if you are looking for a spot to picnic when you are tired and hungry.

  • Look around your area for beautiful secluded places. There are masses of possibilities. Look for national parks, botanic gardens, river banks, lakes or just the local park.
  • If your picnic is in the evening watch the moon lighting the waves or the sun setting on the horizon while the palm trees sway in the gentle breeze. If a cooler breeze blows up what a excuse for a cuddle!8
  • Think about outdoor cinemas or concerts where the romance is laid on.
  • If you are both early risers what about a romantic early morning picnic at the beach or the park. Take a picnic up in a balloon and watch the sun rising over the mountains.

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