• The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. Ernest Hemingway

Pick Each Other's Outfits



Picking outfit for someone you care about and letting them do the same with you turns out to be a quite good experience. Sometimes it can be a real fun whereas at the same time a real hard job. You want to do those changes the way they like and feel comfortable without losing their own style. It is quite possible that they will neither like the style you offer nor feel comfortable. It’s natural because every person has his/her own style and if they like themselves the way they are it is just useless trying to make any changes. But if you are insistent enough with a discriminating taste your efforts may give some pleasant results. You will probably feel yourself a winner when someone will start picking your outfit. So you have to be patient and hard worker, and maybe sooner or later they will like your new style and will be willing to have those changes on.

Same situation may happen to you as well. So try to have fun during the process and even if you don’t like the style by someone’s choice try to tell about your opinion on it in polite and positive way.


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anna grant

Dec 07 at 20:51 pm