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Own a Tesla



From its beginnings in 2003, Tesla has been committed to bringing zero-emission vehicles to a global consumer at accessible price points. And while its first roadster, which went into production in 2008, and its Model S, first shown to the public in 2009, aren't offered at what most would term 'affordable', a new Model 3 has a scheduled onsale date of 2018 and will reportedly be priced at or around $35,000.

The Model S, with 200+ miles of all-electric range, is both a vibrant design exercise and a credible nod to 21st-century mobility. At present it's the brand's most affordable entry until, of course, the Model 3 debuts with an under-$40K price tag. If you're shopping for plug-in entertainment, the P100D option box should be checked, as this takes the Model S from fun to hyper fun. And the only thing more expensive than Tesla's Model X crossover with the P100D upgrades is two.