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Move Out of My Parents House



You become responsible

Maturity, responsible behaviour and the fundamentals of life, these things don’t come easy. You actually have to be in that situation to learn what is the ideal thing to do, to behave responsibly like an adult and not like an adrenaline pumped teenager. Once you are on your own you are bound to face many adversities and you often get into a crisis, but dealing with it unaided and living upto your duties without your family’s help will keep ultimately result in a more responsible you.

No time check

I leave for my college at 8 o’ clock every morning and if someday it takes me more than 6pm to get back home, then my cellphone becomes a constantly ringing alarm. You take out your phone from your pocket and 14 missed calls. Parents just can’t stop calling! And what if you have to go for a party and your parents give you a time limit till midnight. 12am?? That’s when all the parties start. But how do you construe that to your family members? Problem!

No constant nagging

Somehow parents are very likely to point out all the flaws in their children or indicating the unfinished chores. Or at least we think so, where they might be just doing that for our own benefit. Why clothes are still lying on bed, why there is too much piled up stuff in your room? Parents have a say in everything we do which most of the times takes the form of lecturing, scolding or punishing. But youngsters don’t like anybody else to take charge of their lives. To tell them when to clean their room, eat lunch, not watch too much tv or spend whole day on the laptop. We want to live our life the way we want and I personally believe that taking a bath at 9 in morning or at 9 at night should not create tiniest of problem for anybody on the planet. So just to avoid the lecturing and nagging, you might want to move out.

You can have things your way

I want to paint my room’s wall neon green and put on a huge poster of Curt Kobain over it. BUT, guess what? I can’t. Because according to my parents, having a neon green wall is way too freaky an idea and it won’t go with the whole house’s décor. I think we all have to deal with such things. And it’s pretty natural and you can’t really blame your parents because what they like, you might not like and what you like, they definitely don’t like. So having a place of your own gives you the freedom to design it the way you want, make your own rules, live life on your own terms and have pizza for dinner for endless number of days! (That’s actually not at all healthy).

Mental Peace

Teenagers or young adults are sometimes immature, they behave kiddish, do things they should not and get into unnecessary arguments. But even parent can behave puerile and unfortunately many a times they do. We always have atleast 1 such person in our friends’ circle who often stays distressed due to his/her parents’ brawls. And they can’t even do anything about it and just prefer to stay out of home to get some piece of mind. So to stay out of your parents’ quarrels you will need your own little shelter.

Give them their space

It’s a well appreciated fact that once somebody becomes a parent his/her whole life takes a 360 degree turn. What used to be drinking late night with friends now becomes changing the diapers or making the kids do their homework. Earlier they could go out and enjoy romantic lunches as a couple anytime they want but now they have a family which takes the prior most position in life. They become unable to manage spending some quality time with the spouse. So it’s time to give them some private space so that they can enjoy life the way they want. After all it’s not just about your freedom every time. Your parents’ is as much important.


Success stories

alice -

Jun 12 at 15:28 pm
found my first job

Jacinta Biszak

Jan 14 at 00:10 am
moved out of home with my partner at 16. 2 days of dating, coming up 8 months. we both pay rent and live out of our parent home, we buy our own groceries and cook our own dinner. I've never been happier.

Mariana Araujo

Dec 26 at 03:01 am
the best thing o have made in my hole life

Cynthia Salgado

Dec 20 at 03:45 am
I moved overseas. I'm still learning how to be an adult and growing up everyday.

theresa fl

Apr 15 at 19:45 pm
Yeeaaasss!!! And soon I'll move again :)

theresa fl

Apr 15 at 19:54 pm
Yeeeaaassa. and soon i'll move again!!

Elodie Charrier

Mar 02 at 11:08 am
Went to live in England

Szennyai Fanni

Jan 24 at 12:16 pm
Yes, but I’m hete again

Yismaira Acosta

Jan 13 at 23:02 pm
I️ finally escaped! :)

Saida Bouhmidi

Jan 12 at 04:36 am

Siru Wallin

Oct 27 at 13:00 pm
Finally I got my own place.

nautica gomez

Oct 12 at 03:36 am
moved in with my boyfriend

Bach Van

Jul 28 at 08:42 am
Early Bird

Lauren Hall

Jul 15 at 09:02 am
from living with 4 to living solo in a different town

Sandra v. d. Linde

Jun 12 at 04:33 am

Clair Elliott

Apr 16 at 14:43 pm
moved out when I was 16

Maria Borrero

Mar 27 at 05:56 am

Caitlin Breen

Mar 14 at 04:27 am

Oshin Krishna

Mar 13 at 00:00 am

Sara Concini

Feb 25 at 02:54 am

Shannon Kokkonen

Feb 25 at 00:22 am
yea first apartment

Nicola Higgs

Feb 24 at 14:32 pm
moved away to my own place

Scott Bair

Feb 21 at 12:29 pm
Mostly in 1991. But fully in 1997.

Anke k

Feb 21 at 11:54 am
moved for University

kam a

Feb 15 at 08:50 am
I moved to away when I started studying.

Sweet Lady

Feb 13 at 02:41 am
Il était temps !

constanta l

Feb 12 at 21:25 pm

Hope Velikova

Feb 12 at 16:31 pm

Max Germain

Feb 07 at 23:33 pm
My first place

The Traveler

Feb 05 at 15:00 pm
12 years ago, it was a start for the big changes in my life!

Rachael mcnelly

Feb 02 at 18:18 pm
I've never regretted this, but miss them everyday.

Kaylee Pettet

Feb 01 at 19:38 pm
I moved with my Fiance House. with his Grandparents House.

Martine Lundemoen

Jan 28 at 18:22 pm
Moved to the Goa family @ Nærbø

Rosalind Pingleton

Jan 12 at 18:19 pm

Davin B

Jan 10 at 07:56 am
I went to college and never looked back.

Maddie Johannes

Jan 10 at 05:53 am
Fiancé and I have been living on our own for a year now.

Kore CF

Jan 07 at 22:20 pm
A vivir en Japón.

Pre Kaur

Jan 06 at 23:47 pm


Jan 06 at 17:14 pm


Jan 04 at 23:41 pm
found a job in Taipei.


Jan 04 at 20:20 pm

Kayla Chambers

Jan 03 at 02:42 am
2 weeks after my 18th birthday

Sarah Pfisterer

Jan 02 at 16:53 pm
WG in Ludwigshafen

Tamblyn Devoy

Jan 02 at 11:37 am
Adulthood begins.

Jennifer Hartman

Jan 02 at 01:37 am
18 yrs old.

Manu Wehren

Jan 01 at 14:44 pm
nach Gemen

Calunii Almeida

Dec 31 at 11:39 am
moved to a student apartment

Claire Hall

Dec 19 at 11:57 am
Went to college.

lira soley

Dec 19 at 09:43 am
living in a twg now but let's see for how long (financial problems at the moment)

Sharon Hudson

Dec 18 at 16:16 pm
Yester Oaks Apartments


Dec 17 at 01:09 am
7 years!

Claudia Barrett

Dec 12 at 02:05 am

Billie Andrews

Dec 06 at 23:18 pm
way back

Jenny Haa

Nov 27 at 09:04 am
Was great and terrifying st the same time

tracey mandavy

Nov 13 at 10:56 am
when l was 17