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Meet Johnny Depp



How to meet Johnny Depp?

  1. Write to him and ask him to meet you anyhow. Prove that you are his biggest fan but do not become a stalker and force him to take out a restraining warrant against you. Search for his home address or better still-find out who is his agent in Hollywood because ALL actors and actresses there have agents. So once you have found his agent's address, write to them and ask them if you can meet Johnny Depp at any upcoming event or so. If you wish,you can start a heartfelt letter about how this is your dying wish etc.etc.

    1. Go to Hollywood yourself and find out firsthand who his agent is and where Johnny Depp lives. Stalk both these places (in a good way!) and ask to meet him until they relent. Start a fast, sit outside their home, create a full-on drama, get covered in local media, get attention in any way you can and hope for the best.