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Master a Video Game



How to become a video game master.

  1. NEVER panic if you lose on level twelve with your ultimate high score. It's just a game after all, and if you treat it like real life, how would you like aliens with blasters to actually be shooting at you? Exactly, be glad it's only a game.

  2. Practice/play at a harder level. A very good way to make something so completely easy, is setting something to hard mode. Play hard mode a bit, then switch back to easy or medium. It will be so easy you'll wonder why you couldn't do it before.

  3. Remember that you don't have to rush yourself if there is a pause feature, or a saving feature.

  4. Never try to beat a game if you don't like the game. Hating the game for never being able to pass level 12 is okay, but actually hating playing the game because you don't like it is another thing.

Success stories

Susan Zhou

Jun 03 at 06:18 am
Seriously I master a lots of games including all wii series games, aa, pirate king, 熹妃傳, don't touch the spikes, BBTAN series, duet, mario run, amazing brick, dump ways to die. And I got world top 10 in all of these. But I seldom play video games and the only video game in this list is 熹妃傳 which is a very cool Chinese Chui destiny palace game. You have to power up your empire to fight and the story is very cool. I had mastered this game and became the queen in the server. But I kept on spending so much money in the game so I stopped playing already

Björn Willmering

Jan 09 at 21:13 pm
Das ein oder andere habe ich schon hinter mir