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Make My Own Perfume



Knowing What Materials You Need

Buy dark glass containers

Many people recommend using dark glass containers because the dark glass helps protect your perfume from light, which can shorten its lifespan. You’ll also want to make sure your glass containers haven’t previously contained any food items, as any residual scents will transfer to your perfume. The exception to this would be if you actually wanted to use the scent of what was in the glass container before. (Warning: peanut-butter-banana-chocolate perfume might taste better than it smells!)

Buy a carrier oil

A carrier oil is what carries the scents in a particular fragrance on to your skin. These are generally unscented, and are used to dilute concentrated oils and aromatics that can otherwise irritate your skin. Your carrier oil can really be anything. You can even use olive oil if you don’t mind the scent. One popular perfumer simmers rose petals in virgin olive oil, then combines it all with vitamin E oil to stabilize it.

Buy the strongest alcohol you can find

A common choice amongst many DIY perfumers is a high-quality, 80- to 100-proof (40% to 50% alc/vol) vodka. Other DIY perfumers favour 190-proof (80% alc/vol) alcohol. Popular choices for 190-proof alcohol include organic neutral grape alcohol and the much cheaper Everclear, which is a grain spirit.

Select your scents

Your perfume can be made out of a wide variety of ingredients. Common aromatics for perfumes include essential oils, flower petals, leaves, and herbs.

Decide on a method

The method for making perfume will vary slightly depending on your materials. Two common aromatics used for perfume are plant materials (flowers, leaves, and herbs) and essential oils; the methods vary for each of these.


Success stories

Нели Танчева

Feb 17 at 18:58 pm
it smelled different than anything I have ever smelled

Denice Hansen

Dec 29 at 13:37 pm
didn't go that well but fun